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What we do

Product Development

We address our customer's gains and pain points to improve their lifestyle & reducing operational hassles though our excellent products. We try to delight our customers through our service excellence.

Solution Provider

We design value-based solution architecture our customers to reduce significant costs & increasing values. We believe the customer's problem is our problem.

Trading Business

We address our targeted customer's demands & requirements and deliver happiness with their fulfillment. We care lifetime value of our customers.

Business Consulting

Many business individuals outsource their desired solutions & requirements. We try to get future recommendations through customer satisfaction.

Our Target Market

Local & Global

Our Target Customer

Corporate & Individuals

About Us

We are a profit-making organization that delivers significant value to all our stakeholders.
Finding market gaps & opportunities to solve their problems in a profitable & good way is our central end over. We are committed to fostering values & ensuring better life with good benefits. We strongly believe in making situation win & win for all.


product & services


right fit employees


valued customers

our values

Commitments (Integrity, Performance and Excellence)

Integrity : trust is the core foundation of our relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners, employees & investors.

Performance & Excellence : we mostly prefer the correct version and aim for excellence in all our business deals & transactions.

Quality and value of service

We always strive to ensure better values through the quality of our services, products & solutions as per the committed price.

Our Services

Education Technology

Software Development

Business Consultancy

Energy Technology

Emerging Education Technology

No#1 School & College Management Software in Bangladesh

SaaS | Mobile Apps | Website
5k+ Clients | 60k+ Teachers | 300k+ Students & Parents

Company Leadership

Raihan Nobel

Co-Founder & Managing Director
18 years of professional & 18 years of professional & business experience with business acumen, strategy, leadership & execution with a lot of stories of failure & success.
System-driven, long-term sustainable & diversified profitable impactful business establishment is mostly preferred.

Abdur Rahman Mamun

Co-Founder & Deputy Managing Director
12 years of professional & business experience with product development, corporate communication & business administration is his core competency of him.
Effective & robust product development, business cost optimization, and long-term relationships are mostly preferred.

More than 9 Years
of Co-founders Partnership


working hours


sleepless night





Why Choose Us

Dedicated & Focused

We are extremely dedicated to our assignments & business success and highly focused to execute our business plans & goals.

Caring & Responsible

We are caring & responsible to our customers, employees & other stakeholders to ensure their high satisfaction and future recommendation.

Committed & Punctual

We are commited to maintain the declared quantity & quality effectiveness of our all dealing and on time delivery & maintaining time schedule is one of our core habit.

Transparent & Accountable

We always appreciate & welcoming being accountable in a prudent manner & transparency is the critical element to building the trust & reputation of our all business.

Our Working Preocedure

Requirements Fixation & Pricing
Firstly Desired needs & requirements specification is most important to fixing the price & delivery time with agreed terms & conditions.
Written Communication & Agreement
We always prefered written communication & creating documentation to aviod misunderstanding & further conflicts. It’s a slow preocess but better for both parties.
Payment As Per Schedule
All customers required commited values. We required commited price. So we highly aniticipated ontime payment from the customer side.
Execution & Value Delivery
After accomplishing above activities, we take approval & necessary review time to time from the customer. And we deliver the product/service/value as per our commitments.

Our Partners